Omni 20 Revolutionary Power Bank

$299 USD
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Recharge wherever you are with the Omni 20 Revolutionary Power Bank. Offering unprecedented charging ability, this compact device packs a whopping 20,400mAh battery inside. Intelligently charging your devices, the Omni 20 can handle multiple devices at once. It features everything you need for convenient charging. This includes direct DC out port, wireless charging, flow-through charging, solar charging, and ultra fast charging. In addition, the Omni 20 is super safe and works universally for your devices. Coming in all black, it also has a socket to power your bigger devices such as your TV, laptop, or even your drone. In addition, the Omni 20 has two fast-charge USB ports for your smaller devices. Finally, the Omni 20 features an OLED screen to show you the remaining battery, the battery level, temperature, and power output.

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