Oomi – Smart Home

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Smart Home: Simplified. So easy anyone can set-up in under 5 minutes. Oomi Touch is the ultimate controller. “No more of this ‘smartphone control makes everything super amazing’ nonsense.” (thanks, Slashgear) Oomi Touch is stunning. It is encased edge-to-edge in glass with a fully capacitive display and tactile buttons for quick control of your entertainment. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. The responsive display of Oomi Touch is fully customizable so you can control what matters most to you. Oomi has physical buttons to quickly pause your movie or skip to the next song on your playlist. Oomi Touch is the only controller you need. Goodbye remotes. Oomi Cube is the brain of your smart home.Most smart homes would call it their “hub”. Hubs usually don’t do much.Oomi Cube is packed with 8 environment sensors, a night vision camera, and a bit more. Having sensors inside of Cube allows it to know more about your home. When your Oomi Cube knows more it can do more for you. For example, because Oomi Cube already has a light sensor in it, your home can brighten your lighting when a room gets darker automatically.

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