Opter Pose- for posture, activity, sleep, UV, and more

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Keep a healthy lifestyle with Opter Pose. This fashion-forward posture tracking necklace gives you a gentle vibration when you’ve been slouching for too long. You can also track your activity, sleep, UV exposure, blue light exposure, and breathing by connecting the Pose to your phone through the Opter smartphone app. View a real-time animation of your posture and watch yourself improve over time. Stay motivated by keeping track of your steps, exercise, and calories. Track your sleep and wake up gently during the lightest part of your sleep cycle. Stay alert and focused during the day by making sure you’re getting enough bright light. Sleep better at night by limiting your blue light exposure in the evening. Take care of your skin by getting notifications when you’ve had too much UV. Take a moment to do a calming breathing exercise to reduce stress. Opter Pose is the only wearable that can do all this and more.Made sustainably from bamboo, the Pose is water resistant, thin, and ultra-lightweight. It is versatile enough to be worn with any chain, so you can change the look to fit your mood. Wear it all the time – its rechargeable battery lasts several days on a single charge. Opter Pose is coming to Indiegogo summer 2017.

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