ToothShower In-Shower Oral Care Solution

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Do away with flossing with the ToothShower In-Shower Oral Care Solution. It starts with the base that attaches to your shower wall, but the real magic lies in the three attachments that clean 100% of your tooth surfaces. Regular toothbrushing only brushes 60% of your tooth surfaces and misses between your teeth. First, there is a dual-headed toothbrush which brushes both the front and the back of your teeth simultaneously. Second is an irrigating tip that actually enables you to skip your flossing step. It behaves as a water flosser without the mess. Because you are in the shower, you don’t have to worry about cleaning your mirror or countertop. Third, there’s an innovative gum massager with seven irrigating jets of water to stimulate important blood flow to your gums while removing debris between your teeth in just 6 seconds. In addition, you can incorporate a mouth rinse to kill germs and freshen breath and there is a comfort pressure dial to adjust the water pressure. This is all done with no batteries or electricity. Easy to set-up, the ToothShower is thorough and even works with people who are wearing braces.

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