33 Books Original Cider-Tasting Mug

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Don’t just drink, truly enjoy your beverage with the 33 Books Original Cider-Tasting Mug. This vessel is specifically designed to hold the ciders of the world and let you enjoy their every note. Using real stone, the Cider-Tasting Mug is complete with a stamp on the bottom. Honoring the brand is a stamp of the number 33. Not only does this provide subtly in branding, this stamp is also the nucleation site which allows carbonation to be released. In this process, you can experience all the flavors and nuances of the world’s best beverage. In addition, the silhouette of the Cider-Tasting Mug is tapered at the neck to help concentrate the variety of aromas. Just like the rest of the beverage world, now the sought-after cider has its very own vessel.

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