OTOTO Eggondola Egg Poacher

$14 USD
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Enjoy the perfect eggs each and every morning with the OTOTO Eggondola Egg Poacher. The perfect size for a single egg, this cute yet practical kitchen device comes in the shape of an adorable boat. It’s the best way to break your fast. Coming in all blue, you simply crack an egg into the Eggondola to get cracking. From there, just place the entire boat and egg into your boiling water. In just minutes, the Eggondola ensures everything is cooked to eggcellent standards. The Eggondola uses sleek silicone to withstand the high temperatures of the water. In addition, this material gives the accessory the longevity it needs to make every breakfast the very best. Start your morning off right with the Eggondola.

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