Owlee Scroll Vintage Bluetooth Speaker

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Combine your love for audio with exquisite taste with the Owlee Scroll Vintage Bluetooth Speaker. Encasing the steel body stereo system is a suede and leather cover. Just like a Renaissance sonnet, you simply unroll the Scroll Speaker to reveal the device. In addition to protecting the speaker, the leather sheath also serves as a built-in stand. Perfect for your desk or taking on the go, the Owlee Scroll Speaker uses 3D sound technology to disperse audio in all directions. This ensures that every spot in the room is the sweet spot. Pairing with your device via Bluetooth, the Owlee Scroll Speaker has a wireless range of 32 feet. Finally, the Owlee Scroll Speaker features a 9-hour battery life. With this, the speaker has the longevity to accompany you even if you’re writing your sonnet.

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