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UBALL Pain Reducing Mobility Tool

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Rid yourself from muscular aches and pains with the UBALL Pain Reducing Mobility Tool. This nifty device is designed to resemble the human elbow to relieve the nastiest knots. Great for athletes of all varieties, the UBALL has countless applications. As the name suggests, the UBALL combines a U-shape and a ball. Place it on a surface and nudge out the pain of your muscles. The ball design applies the right amount of pressure to your muscles to break up the discomfort with a deep tissue massage. You can use it on your lower body, back, arms, neck, and even your pecs. In addition to the ball portion, you can also use the edge and corner for more specific areas of pain, scar tissue, and fascia. Furthermore, the U-shape can also easily attach to a barbell so you can access hard to reach muscles with ease.

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