Panther Shades Bone Conduction Audio Sunglasses by Zungle

$109 USD
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Get the most out of your environment with the Panther Shades Bone Conduction Audio Sunglasses by Zungle. Blocking out the UV rays to protect your eyes from the sun, these sunglasses are also outfitted with built-in bone conduction speaker technology so you can also listen to your music. The Panther Shades are equipped with a noise cancelling microphone so you can also take calls seamlessly and return to your music with ease. Using the latest in audio technology, the Panther Shades can transmit sound waves and vibrations through your skull so you can hear every beat. Connecting to your device via Bluetooth, the Panther Shades have a 4-hour battery life and can be recharged with the concealed USB charging port.

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