Paper Weight – The Future of Computing

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Paperspace is a full computer you can access from any web browser. A low-cost device designed specifically for accessing your paperspace computer in the cloud. Paperspace can run the most demanding applications. Its performance is suited for 3D CAD, rendering, simulations and photo & video editing. With Paperspace, screen sharing is built-in and transferring files is nearly instantaneous—there’s no cloud storage syncing delay. It’s perfect for teams to collaborate overlong distances. Transform your old laptop into a new machine. Paperspace lets you access a powerful computer for a low monthly cost. Get the power you need for a price you can afford. Paperspace is great if you need multiple machines or multiple operating systems. We’re starting off with Windows and Linux options for now but plan to offer more operating systems in the future. Need a computer for a month-long project? With Paperspace, you can access a new computer in less than 5 minutes. Unlike regular computers, you pay for what you use and you can cancel at any time.

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