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Paqsule Self-Cleaning Bag

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Traveling just got a whole lot cleaner thanks to the Paqsule Self-Cleaning Bag. Armed with 20 premium features, including a USB charger, this revolutionary bag changes the way you travel. The Paqsule Bag has a one-touch operation to start cleaning. Good for over 17,000 cleanings, Paqsule eliminates germs and odors on everything you put inside. To achieve this, it implements O3 and UV-C technology – the same is used for hospitals and professional sports teams. The PaqTech System works in both the Paqsule and the Paqsule Lite editions. In addition to the cleaning power, the Paqsule Bag offers a high water resistance level as well as a removable shower pouch. It even has a special pocket for your smartphone and exterior straps for a yoga mat or tripod. Finally, with adjustable straps, you can wear the Paqsule Bag as a backpack or carry it as a duffle.

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