Pause – Bring Back Dinner-Table Conversation

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Pause helps you put your phones aside and reconnect with your loved ones. It is a simple yet innovative lifestyle designer box that blocks all cell and wi-fi signals. Pause’s presence and ease-of-use encourage and empower families to create “phone free” routines and spend quality time together. When you put your phones in a Pause box, it blocks all wi-fi signals, all incoming calls, and all text messages as well as any other cell phone distractions. The simple answer is that phones have an addictive nature. Pause isn’t a magical fix, but it is a lifestyle product designed to encourage and make it easy for us (both adults and kids) to put our phones down. It’s super easy- just put your phone in the box and close the lid. That’s it. It’s made from special materials that block all cellphone signals. Pause was designed for the whole family, starting with parents who set the example by putting their phones in first to communicate the message that “family time is important.”

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