Razer Nommo PC 2.1 Gaming Speakers

$99 USD
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Upgrade your audio experience and enjoy high-fidelity sound with the Razer Nommo PC Gaming Speakers. Thanks to custom woven glass fiber three-inch drivers, these speakers deliver incredible sound. Rear-firing bass ports deliver all the rumble you would hope for. They sit inside huge chambers that only amplify the sound of gunshots and explosions. At the top end, the glass fibers produce a tighter sound at higher frequencies. As a result, you can hear every bullet whizz by on the battlefield and every plucked string in the soundtrack. These speakers also have a manual bass control for quick adjustments, with automatic gain control to prevent distortion. In addition, the Nommo speakers look incredible. As with other Razer Chroma products, you can set the built-in LED lights to 16.8 million different colors. The upright design also means they can fit on your favorite gaming desk.

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