Gemini PDA Keyboard Mobile Device

$399 USD
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Type and create content on the go with the Gemini PDA Keyboard Mobile Device. Featuring a fully tactile keyboard, the Gemini PDA allows you to type while viewing the entire screen. Additionally, this integrated keyboard mobile devices conveniently fits in your pocket. Featuring a slim metal clamshell design, the Gemini PDA comes with a QWERTY keyboard. Even though it has an Android OS, it also comes with a dual boot Linux option. The Gemini PDA also provides optimal portability and usability with its double-sized battery and ultra-wide touchscreen. In addition, there are two models available: 4G & WiFi and WiFi Only. Both versions enable both mobile phone calls and data communications. Furthermore, the Gemini PDA offers 12 hours of talk time or two weeks of standby time.

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