PBspoon Perfect Peanut Butter Spoon

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Enjoy every last spoonful of the best spread with the PBspoon Perfect Peanut Butter Spoon. This innovative utensil gives you all the reach you need so you never waste peanut butter again. The PBspoon brings together the functionality of a spoon and a spatula. Unlike the traditional butter knife you probably use, the PBspoon allows for effortless and even spreading. It glides the peanut butter over your toast for a perfectly even layer. It even works with the chunkiest of peanut butter varieties. In addition, the PBspoon is the ideal length and shape. The end has a flat back for easy spreading while there’s also a rounded spoon face for maximum extraction. However, there’s also a pointed tip and a flat scraping edge. When you get to the bottom of your peanut butter jar, the PBspoon reaches every inch.

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