Autoslide Smart Tag Pet Door Kit

$640 USD
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Give your pet the freedom of the outdoors with the Autoslide Smart Tag Pet Door Kit. This nifty device automatically opens your sliding door for your pet and includes a sensor with two tags and the drive system. The Autoslide uses RFID technology to seamlessly and easily open the door for your pet. Simply attach the tag to your pet’s collar. As they approach the door, the Autoslide automatic door system glides the door open. This is perfect for pets who love to come and go at their leisure. It’s especially ideal for pet parents who do countless trips to the door for their fickle pet. The Autoslide Pet Door is compatible with all sliding patio doors. Additionally, it has three different distance settings for pet activation: three, six, or ten feet. The Autoslide even has a setting for people where the door opens the full distance. Finally, the Autoslide Pet Door can work with up to four tags at once, so all your pets can use the door.

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