Philips Hue Tap – Easier Control of Your Wireless Lighting

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Wouldn’t it be nice to control all the lights of your home from one single switch? With Philips Hue Tap, you can. This switch gives you the power to enjoy a better home integration by having one ready switch that can turn on/off all the Philips Hue lights in the house single-handedly. It also provides light control from your smartphone or tablet. Up to 30 switches can be used per hue system which can easily cover your entire apartment or studio. You can change your indoor lighting based on your preferences from one switch instead of running around the house every time. The Hue Tap will let you control up to four lighting scenes in your hue system. Installing it is super easy and won’t require any wires or batteries whatsoever. One simple button at the end of the day can now be enough to turn all the lights off.

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