PillSuite: A System To Create Individual Packets Of Prescriptions And Vitamins

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PillSuite, LLC- has released a system to provide a convenient means of organizing and transporting the daily regimen of drugs and vitamins taken. This system consists of easily opened packets that are filled by a sorter and sealed by an electronic (brain) sealer that are both patent pending. The resultant packet can be placed into a pocket, bag and/or anything like a suitcase taking almost no space and easily opened for consumption. Taking medications on time is a major problem that results in many deaths and other complications causing huge health issues. Almost all other methods of carrying around pill dosages are cumbersome and are far more intrusive in our daily lives. Pill Suite’s packets have a convenient white panel to write import information on (like who’s dosage and when to take), are made from biodegradable plastic, incredibly easy to open and not much bigger than a t ea bag. Already seen as a big aid for those who travel or commute other communities are expressing the positive attributes of Pill Suite in providing care for loved ones by organizing medications into packets that can be clearly labeled and easily open by aging hands.

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