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PLAYBULB Solar Outdoor LED Lights by MIPOW

Editor's Rating
Discovered on 2017-03-08

Use the power of the sun to light up your life with the PLAYBULB Solar Outdoor LED Lights. This portable lighting system connects to an app on your device to give you total customization. With a range of thousands of color options, the PLAYBULB Lights take just 8 hours of direct sunlight to last for a full 25 hours. In addition, these solar powered lights are totally water resistant with an IP68 rating. You can use them throughout your indoor and outdoor space and even have them floating in the pool during parties. Additionally, the PLAYBULB Lights come with attachable mono pods so you can secure them into the ground along walkways. With the PLAYBULB X app, you can control, sync, and add special effects for multiple lights simultaneously. Finally, the PLAYBULB Lights have smart technology to automatically turn on when it gets dark. The MIPOW team, creators of the PLAYBULB Smart Lighting launched the PLAYBULB Solar as the sequel of PLAYBULB Garden which was already a success on Kickstarter recently!

Overview & Specs
Features :
Waterproof, App-controlled
Waterproof Rating :
App :
iOS, Android
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Kickstarter Comments (33)

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Robert Erlick
Got mine today in California. I'll test them tomorrow. Looks good so far.
Andreas Esser
Ok once again ... i waiting for update of shipping .....
Kenneth Ellul
Any updates on shipping?
Holden McSweeney
Shipping was supposed to be May. Update requested as in the past you've always been on time or aheae.
Jay Beatt
Pledge 99 Can you please send survey again? Just found out campaign emails were bouncing, but not other Kickstarter emails. Thanks
@Enrico > Please do fill out the survey as soon as possible!
Enrico Palumbo
Missed the survey being sick, you were asking for adress to ship?
Nicolas Leger
Hi there, any news about shippement ?
@Nicolas Leger > We believe our backers always want to hear BIG NEWS rather than anything else. We will announce it soon... :) You can also watch our updates on major social media platforms
or visit our website www.mipow.com
Nicolas Leger
Any news please ? Any stollen pics ? What happens kickstarter makers ? Take money and ni news After this ? YOU need to take some marketing lessons ! About how to federate user and buyers around your brand and product !
@HESHAM > We already started the manufacturing. All our Kickstarter projects were shipped on time. So yes within MAY
How likely are these to ship in may?
@DRU > Thanks for supporting us again @HESHAM > Yes the pledge is upgraded. Thanks again
Mipow can you confirm my upgraded pledge? Thanks
Backed $198 for 6 :) Good to see more products!
Lisa Stuart
I have also doubled my pledge for 3 (i.e. $198 for 6); @Chris my garden lights didn't all work either. The app has improved recently but could still use work.
Hi creator
Could you think about a more powerful light? I am still wondering if I need them as they really seem weak in terms of lumens so useless. I pledged for 6 by manually doubling the price but it indeeed is very expensive for a not bright at all light as we can see on the pictures. Can you help us being convinced? New in situation pictures, videos? Thanks.
@TONY > You can pledge for 5 pack now and during the survey, you can apply for a single pc extra.
Tony Herrero
Hey guys i pledged for 3 pack early bird, what do i do if i want 6 bulbs?
I'm going to double my 3 pack early bird as well 99x2= 198
Jason Morrison
Can and will this product be integrated with nest home ?
Why when you buy more,
the five pack.
does your price go up per unit?
Chris Mibus
@Chip Really sorry that your playbulb garden didn't work. I have been using mine every day for almost 2 years and they are still going strong they are great and add a really nice ambience for my back yard.
@Mark Rejhon: Thanks for your comments and suggestions. We will release our news and updates soon in the coming months regarding the API and product development. Thanks for supporting us in all the projects :)
Mark Rejhon
MIPOW: Please add a battery-life or battery-voltage Bluetooth LE command to your PlayBulb Solar. This will help with battery health monitoring, and also allow hubs to turn off when below 30% battery (to allow 2000-charge cycle, or 5-year operation). Lithium batteries recharge many hundreds more times if I only rarely let it go below 30%. This will prevent dead Solar units after 1-2 years.
Mark Rejhon
Programmers/Developers/Geeks please contact me at markybox[at]gmail.com
Mark Rejhon
Programmers/Developers/Geeks We need an open source API for PlayBulb products. WHY: So we can create plugins for automation hubs. And achieve complex animations from computers (Bluetooth streaming, or change theme once every 15 or 30 minutes). I purchased a Bluetooth LE sniffer from Adafruit ( https://www.adafruit.com/product/2269 ) and am starting to kind of reverse-engineer the PlayBulb Bluetooth protocol. There are now instructions on reverse-engineering a Smart Bulb Bluetooth LE protocol here at https://learn.adafruit.com/reverse-engineering-a-bluetooth-low-energy-light-bulb/overview ....With the new software out there, it seems simple enough for an Intermediate Programmer. I have lots of PLAYBULB products and found out that the protocol is 2way. For some products (e.g. PlayBulb CANDLE) is even a way to turn on the white LED at the same time as the color LED, for undocumented color. And there is even a way to query if the light is ON or OFF, and what color it currently is. In theory it is possible to write a smarthome or homekit gateway that even also resets original PlayBulb Rainbow color after it has been switched off by a wall switch, by retransmitting last remembered color as soon as the bulb comes back on, etc. Sooooo MANY things can be done with the PlayBulb Bluetooth protocol.... including faster and slower flashing than permitted by PLAYBULB X App. I have determined there are a lot of undocumented PlayBulb commands. It will help MIPOW sell more product. Better apps can be created. Also hopefully MIPOW can help us ASAP (with partial info) to help us jumpstart this.
Chip Plunkett
The quality of your solar product PLAYBULB garden was poor. Many users including myself found we had a useless unit that wouldn't charge. How will this product differ?
No problem Sophie ;-)
Sorry - Stefano with an F :-)
Hi creator
I had the same question as Stephano - I doubled my early bird 3 pack pledge for 6 playbulb :-) have a nice campaign!
@STEFANO PAGANI > Yes!! Thanks :)
Hi. Great product like always. I backed 99$x2=198$ for 6 pieces. Is it possible? Thanks