Plop SSD Drives

$32 USD
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The plops are a made of anodized aluminum, plastic free, super slim and they are the first enclosures in which you can directly plop in your SSDs. Naturally the speed is fantastic due to USB 3.0 and the SSD optimized chipset with UASP support. While the pure plop is as lean, straightforward and pure as it can be, the wood plop combines nature and technology. A highly accurate wood inlay with a hard oil finish gives it a special appearance and haptic feedback. Different wood inlays as olive, satin rosewood, american walnut, santos pallisander and macasar can be chosen. The design with a height of just 1 cm (or 0.4 in) makes it a perfect fit for most modern desktop, laptops, TVs and other electronic gadget with a USB interface. Enjoy the design and flexibility of the plops!

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