Pocket Monkey Wallet Multitool

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Meet the Pocket Monkey Wallet Multitool – It’s small enough to fit in your wallet and sturdy to work as a bottle opener housing a toolbox. That makes it a comfortable utility device you can access whenever necessary, directly from your wallets. It can be considered as 12 utility and convenience tools merged into one. The tool is 1mm stainless steel which is TSA compliant that makes it easy to carry during travel trips. The tools include a bottle opener,  small, large and Phillips head screwdriver, six different hex wrench sizes, a letter opener for opening mail and packages, inch and millimeter measurements. Once you stick a credit card through the slot, you’ll be able to prop a phone on it. That makes the tool a handy smartphone stand as well. Overall, a perfect representation of what multi-tool kits should be like.

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