PodStraps AirPods Connector- Carry Pouch Included for AirPod Chargers

$15 USD
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Never lose your earbuds again with the PodStraps AirPods Connector, includes a carry pouch for AirPod chargers. With a design specifically for the new Apple device, this handy wearable keeps your earbuds within reach. Available in two colors, the PodStraps use tight polyelastomer loops to attach to your AirPods. With this, you can take them on and rest them around your neck. The system also ensures you won’t drop or lose one of the AirPods. Attaching the strong loops together is a super soft cord. It rests gently against the back of your neck yet is durable to hold up to everyday wear and tear. Remaining lightweight, PodStraps won’t weigh you down during your workout or commute. Instead, you’ll barely notice it’s there. In addition, the strap features a tightening bead so you can adjust the length. PodStraps bring the convenience of a wire back into your life.

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