Popsicase | The iPhone 6/6s Case with a Built In Selfie Stick

$16 USD
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We’ve all been there, that moment we are tying to take a picture, but we can’t handle our phones correctly. You drop it, cover the lens, fumble around with it before getting frustrated. Popsicase, designed in Barcelona, has come to the rescue. Popsicase has introduced the perfect iPhone 6 case, fully equipped with a handle that slides right out of the back of the case, all while protecting your phone. Made out of a rigid recyclable plastic, the makers of the Patented Popsicase wanted to make sure they were minimizing their ecological footprint while designing something fully functional. Place the case on your phone, and it is just like any other case. When you want to snap a photo, or just have some extra grip on your phone, slide the handle out of the back of the case- which also happens to make it look just like a popsicle (especially in all of the awesome colors). This is what makes Popsicase different from everyone else.

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