Popslate 2 Smart iPhone Case – With E-Reader, Smartwatch and Battery Case in One

$69 USD
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Coming as a cool extension to your iPhone screen, the Popslate 2 is one cool case which puts the back of your iPhone to work. This case comes with an e-ink display which works as an extended screen for your iPhone and provides real-time updates without you having to unlock your phone constantly. In fact, you can easily jump between apps by not unlocking your phone through the use of this case. It’s super thin and adds just 0.16” thickness of your iPhone which is just about nothing. The case also comes with a battery bank which can give you an additional 9 hours of talktime or 4 hours of browsing as and when required. Additionally, you can use the case as a e-reader too by making use of the back of your iPhone and not carry unwanted extra gadgets anymore. One Popslate would be cool enough!

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