MPFX Oli Porcelain Olive Bowl

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Add a sense of sophistication to the MPFX Oli Porcelain Olive Bowl. Modern yet beautiful, this bowl is the ultimate place for your favorite dinner party snack. The Oli Bowl has two compartments. The main compartment at the base is for your delicious olives. This portion has a capacity of 300ml which is more than enough space for all of your guests to feast. The top of the Oli Bowl does more than function as a lid. At the very top is a hole and the rest of the compartment is closed. This portion is where you put all of the olive pits. Perfect for parties, the Oli Bowl has a third delightful feature. The exterior, along with the hole for the pits, looks just like an olive. Coming a sleek and shiny black, it takes on the shape of its namesake.

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