Cary42 Portable Arcade Gaming Console

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Take your gaming back to yesteryear with the Cary42 Portable Arcade Gaming Console. Taking inspiration from attaché cases, it actually houses an entire gaming console complete with two-player capability. Coming with 100 classic game titles, the Cary42 has a USB port so you can also upload your own games. In fact, it can hold up to 10,000 emulated games. The Cary42 is made of solid American walnut for a truly vintage feel. In addition, it folds up and carries just like a briefcase so you can take it virtually anywhere. The Cary42 can also be customized to suit your inner gamer. You have your choice of mother-of-pearl inlay and marquetry décor. A truly impressive system, the Cary42 is part of a limited edition of only 50 pieces.

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