Allurette Portable Delicates Washer

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Keep your favorite garments looking like new with the Allurette Portable Delicates Washer. Compact and practical, this system provides a gentle hand wash that is both thorough and efficient. The Allurette features an internal washboard to scrub your clothes clean without the risk of damage. Simply pop in your clothes and detergent and start washing. The motion and movement of your hands push your delicates against the built-in washboard. Taking just minutes, the Allurette effectively rids your clothes of odors and stains. However, because it takes small loads, even your most delicate items are safe and sound. In addition, and unlike other portable solutions, the Allurette provides virtually zero contact with the water or detergent. With this design, it’s great for sensitive skin. The Allurette is perfect for travel or just to keep your clothing looking its best.

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