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INBair O2 Portable Oxygen Purifier

$455 USD
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Give your brain a boost with the INBair O2 Portable Oxygen Purifier. This designer oxygen purifier allows you to work harder and smarter with the help of 40% oxygen. By delivering concentrated oxygen via the headset, INBair O2 helps you stay alert and productive whenever you’re low on energy. To use INBair O2, just put on the headset and breathe normally to give your brain a boost. The weighted headset is stylish and comfortable, with an added filter to deliver purified air, and an anti-microbial surface for added protection. Plus, you’ll only hear a quiet hum and the hiss of air coming out of the mouthpiece. Additionally, the portable oxygen purifier comes with a designer bag so you can easily take it anywhere. The INBair O2 can draw power from multiple sources, including the mains or battery pack. In fact, it even works with the 12 V adaptor in your car. Designed solely for recreational use, the INBair O2 is not a medical product.

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