Solavore Go Portable Reflective Solar Cooker

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Cook food from anywhere with the Solavore Go! Portable Reflective Solar Cooker. Featuring a lightweight and portable design, the Solavore Go! makes it easy for you to cook wherever there is sunlight. Using the sun’s energy, the Solavore Go! is a hands-free cooker that cooks for two people in two hours. With its patent-pending curvature, the Solavore G!1 offers gentle and even temperature cooking that consistently delivers. In fact, you don’t have to stir the contents or adjust the angle. Weighing less than two pounds in total, the lightweight silicone pot offers a 1.4-liter capacity. The pot is also collapsible and the cooker and accessories roll up into a small carrying case that is about the size of a yoga mat. Simply carry it over your shoulder or clip it onto your backpack to ensure a meal on the go. Go ahead and take a hike; dinner is already cooking.

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