Gorilla Bow Portable Resistance Training Kit

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Get all your workouts in no matter where you are with Gorilla Bow Portable Resistance Training Kit. Featuring a unique design, the Gorilla Bow allows you to achieve all the exercises of home gym machines. With a single piece of equipment, you can work out every major muscle group. It combines high intensity interval circuit training with resistance bands to provide a full body workout. Additionally, the Gorilla Bow incorporates traditional exercise movements with heavy-duty resistance cords for more benefits. Suitable for any fitness level, the Gorilla Bow provides four adjustable resistant levels, ranging from 5 to 110 pounds. By utilizing advanced resistance technology, the Gorilla Bow doesn’t rely on gravity like traditional weights do. Therefore, you cannot use momentum to cheat your movement. Made from aircraft aluminum, the training kit can handle 300 pounds of tension. Furthermore, the FlexClaw design enables you to swap out your resistance bands easily.

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