Q-Flame Portable Wood Pellet Heater

$339 USD
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Enjoy off-grid heating and cooking with the Q-Flame Portable Wood Pellet Heater. Featuring an eco-friendly design, the Q-Flame uses wood pellets for power. To use the Q-Flame, begin by filling the hopper with wood pellets. Then just add a squirt of lighter fluid and light it to start. Additionally, the Q-Flame heats from top to bottom and provides a ten-foot heating radius. Likewise, it offers 75,000 BTUs an hour. Furthermore, you can take the portable Q-Flame anywhere thanks to its easy assembly. Aside from heating, the Q-Flame also transforms into a barbeque. You can even add a water canteen to the back of the heater to create boiling water, which is ideal for camping. Finally, the Q-Flame is smoke and ember-free and doesn’t leave a trace when you are done using it.

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