SkinnyPlate Portion Control Plate

$12 USD
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Tackle your weight loss journey with the SkinnyPlate Portion Control Plate. This innovative dining accessory determines the correct portions that you need for a balanced meal. With so many people plagued by overeating, the SkinnyPlate is your ticket to a healthier lifestyle. It features three divided sections. You can use these to serve yourself carbs, vegetables, and protein. In addition to using balanced proportions, the SkinnyPlate has adjustable goal-setting. The internal ring lets you set a goal weight of anywhere from 245lbs. to 125lbs. As you change the goal, the portions on the plate get smaller or larger. With the SkinnyPlate, the hard work is done for you. Featuring high-quality plastic, the SkinnyPlate is compatible with any plate. Simply set it in place, dish up your food, and remove the SkinnyPlate. Your food remains on your fine china and the rest of the family can also use the SkinnyPlate.

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