PowerPack Trackable Power Bank

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Never fear a draining battery when you have the PowerPack Trackable Power Bank by Nomad. Complete with a whopping 9000mAh of power, this device can top up all of your gadgets. That’s enough energy to recharge your iPhone 7 three times over. In addition to this wonderful power, the PowerPack is also trackable. Teaming up with Tile, this device has built-in location tracking. With Bluetooth, you can find the PowerPack if misplaced. Additionally, this power bank has high-powered USB C and A ports to handle every device you own. Even with all of this power and ability, the PowerPack is delightfully compact. Weighing only 200g, it’s just 13.5cm long so it can easily slide into your pocket or bag. Finally, the casing is polycarbonate with a TPU rubber exterior so it’s as durable as it is useful.

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