PowerPlay Cable Manager for New MacBook

$32 USD
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Got the new 12-inch Retina MacBook? Take control of its charging cable with the PowerPlay cable manager. This innovative accessory features a leather cord reel that holds the coiled cables snugly, minimizing bulk. A slit in the leather serves as the ‘lock’ mechanism to secure the cable end, making it easy to lock and release the cable. It straps onto the power adapter with an elastic strap and can be left on the charger at all times – even when the adapter is plugged into a socket – so you’ll never have to fumble with an additional loose item. The high quality vegetable tanned leather not only looks great, but feels smooth and supple in your hands, unlike silicone or plastic. With the PowerPlay, those cables will never again unravel to clutter your bag or space, enhancing your MacBook’s portability – perfect for the mobile worker!

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