The Prelude Premium Wireless Wooden Headphones by TIMBER Audio

$99 USD
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Introducing the Prelude Premium Wireless Wooden Headphones by TIMBER Audio, which combines nature and technology to produce brilliant sound. Providing acoustically revitalized audio, these headphones sound as beautiful as they look. The Prelude have redefined the headphone industry by mastering sound, style, and creativity. Complete with 40-mm drivers, the Prelude Headphones have a built-in 600 mAh lithium ion battery to provide an incredible 12 hours of playback. The stunning wood grain is unique for every headphone set and is visible from every angle. The head strap is connected to the solid wood with a sturdy aluminum bracket making the Prelude Headphones built to last. Complete with an FM receiver, Bluetooth connectivity, a micro SD card reader, and the ability to connect with an AUX cable, the Prelude Headphones are perfect for everyday use.

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