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Ayers Watches Metropolitan Premium Automatic Watch

Editor's Rating
Discovered on 2018-04-13

Adorn your wrist with a unique timepiece with the Ayers Watches Metropolitan Premium Automatic Watch. Designed to shift from work to play, the Metropolitan watch is versatile and durable. Just 10.5mm from sapphire crystal to sapphire case back, the watch sits comfortably under shirt cuffs. The sapphire crystal is resistant to scratch or shatter and is slightly raised to offer extra scratch protection to the case. Made from 316L surgical stainless steel, the bracelet and case provide superior corrosion resistance. In addition, the Metropolitan offers 100-meter water resistance, allowing you to shower, swim or even snorkel with it on. What makes the timepiece really stand out is the Swiss Super-LumiNova, which makes the entire face glow at night. If you need an heirloom quality watch for office wear, weekends outdoors, or as a striking conversation starter, The Metropolitan is it.

Overview & Specs
Movement :
Miyota 9015 Premium Slim Automatic
Case Size :
Case Material :
316L Stainless Steel
Water Resistance :
Thickness :
Lug to Lug :
Discovered on:
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Glenn Lim
Hi Yves, I believe you were backing at $450 USD, so you can currently go across to pre-order at the same pledge level without the code.
(For anyone that had pledged at the $400 USD level, a discount code is required to match it and that has been sent to their KS inbox. )
yves beaulieu
did not receive a discount code in my e mail. yves beaulieu
John Pelosi
Sorry to see this project fail to meet its target, but as you indicated, I think various factors were against a very worthy project actually meeting its funding target. I hope your direct pre-order option works well, and that you can bring the watch to market. For anyone with a bit of spare cash (once you've placed your pre-orders for the Metropolitan of course) still looking to help another good KS watch campaign get to their target, I'd encourage a look at the Windstar - a very different watch, but of equally high quality, and still with a little work to do to get over the line. So do have a look and consider backing - but only after you've placed your pre-order with Glenn!
John Pelosi
@Glenn, glad to see you pushing ahead - like I said, I'm not sure I'll ever quite work out why certain very good designs fail to gain traction on KS while other "catalogue" watches or poor designs clean up. I suppose if I knew, I'd be a wealthy bunny... I look forward to seeing this project succeed outside of KS.
Glenn Lim
Thanks John! Appreciate your support. We're taking the leap and going ahead with pre-orders via the website anyway, we're confident with our group of committed supporters we'll make this work out!
John Pelosi
I've recently backed a few other good watch campaigns, so can only make a token gesture here, as I'm already quite committed. But wishing you guys luck - a good unique design more worthy of backing than many I see! Even if unsuccessful this time, I hope you have another go or alternative route to market. A shame that there have been quite a number of good projects all hit KS at the same time. And all swamped by Alpina (though god knows why a multi-million company part of Citizen Watch Group felt the need of KS is beyond me....)
Good job guys. Your watch has to see the light !!!
Sally Lim
Thanks guys! Really appreciate it!
We’re talking to our manufacturer today and are looking at options to launch outside of KS if the funding doesn’t reach target. Will send an update out ASAP.
We’ll get this happening.
David Valaskovic
Still rooting for you guys.
Mohd. Amir Bin Yahya
I truly hope that this watch makes funding. I am loving every aspect of it!!
Sally Lim
@ Richard Jones and @ Joshua Cooper - thank-you both! appreciate your support :)
Joshua Cooper
I like what you are doing and hope you finish strong.
Richard Jones
Seriously love the lume options! Surprised more haven’t jumped on this, I really hope you make 100%
Sally Lim
@Mike Kelly, Thanks! appreciate your support as always.
Mike Kelly
Who is this guy Benjamin... What a moron.. Good job Guys Keep it up.
cool. I'll keep watch. good luck!
Sally Lim
Hi @Ponso
We thought about this same issue - for those that miss the super early-bird rewards then they may just turn off buying altogether.
Early-bird rewards are generally intended to reward original supporters and to gain a good early momentum for the campaign, but it can work to put off later supporters… its a difficult balance. We couldn't afford to open any more $400 slots but have extended the early bird ($450) options to try and allay this hesitation. As this includes shipping, it's honestly excellent value. As for the difference between the reward discounts and later retail pricing - the Kickstarter campaign an opportunity for a brand to prove themselves, and get their work in front of a crowd - who will then later post their own images reviews and opinions of the brand to build future brand trust and awareness. Many Kickstarter campaigns are not intended to make a profit at all - just to gather enough financial support to allow a prohibitively expensive manufacture to go ahead. Retail pricing will be set to allow for a sustainable business, to include the cut that will be expected by retailers and to cover costs of things like prototyping, travel to see manufacturers, shipping of samples and other business expenses that are considered sunk cost and aren’t generally calculated into a Kickstarter campaign. For our potential stretch goals we’ve a leather travel case for which we had prototypes made and we’ve looked at various tools useful for fellow watch nerds.
heaviest discount and the regular reward and maybe the different tiers. It's nice to get a discount for being an early supporter and I've benefited many times. But if I do miss it for one reason or another, it can be a factor in my decision making. Maybe I'll go find something else if I'm late in the game, or I'll just wait until a spot opens and if not, oh well. And if there is heavy discount (obv. the lowest cost should still turn a profit), then where is the price difference going to... Another thing I look for are comments and stretch goals. Some people just come out with different colors which doesn't benefit the supporters. After all we are supporting one another and anyone on KS can technically run away with the money.
What turned me to this project is your lume.
Sally Lim
@ponso thanks for your input. We actually did have more reward levels initially and cut out some which caused the big jumps. Is it the gap between pledges that you don't like, or the gap between the heaviest discount and the regular reward? We have spent so many hours in back and forth trying to decide where to set the pledge levels, we just did what we thought worked best.
Sally Lim
Thanks @Kris Ressom @Shane Snider and @Simonati for your support. Benjamin has cancelled the $10 pledge he made in order to trash us here, so I assume he won't be back with more.
I think it s good to have an open discussion here. I myself don't like the $50 difference between the pledges. I tend to stay away from products that offer such hugh differences. I ve been burned before from failed products and if this one is as good as it truly is, it shall prevail over any negativity through an open forum.
Totally agree with Kris! A watch is more than a movement!
Shane Snider
I’m sorry, Benny... But it IS personal when you urge people to back out of someone’s project and call it a “scam.” Have you held the watch? I have. It has some very fine details you just don’t see at this price point. The AR is probably the best I’ve seen on any Microbrand. But that is really besides the point. Would you walk into someone’s mom and pop store and start screaming that you could find everything cheaper at Wal-Mart??? Have some tact.
Kris Ressom
@Benjamin Mate, you're a jerk. I and everyone else here know exactly what we are buying. The information available on specs is very transparent. It's obvious a lot more has gone into this piece than just the movement, which by the way has plenty of support on your so called 'major' watch forum. 'Swiss Made' doesn't matter to everyone. The good news is we're all free to buy what we like, so there's no need for you to be bothered. In other words, if you don't like it, jog on asshole.
@Glenn Lim One of your reviewers even makes a note regarding the price you are saying you will be able to charge "For close to $1k, most buyers expect Swiss. I’m not saying the ETA 2428-2 or Sellita SW-200 are necessarily superior to the 9015, but others do, and that perception may ultimately hurt Ayers’s sales." I suppose you can consider my comments as embodying that perception. Just to be clear, I'm not against microbrand watches or innovation in the industry. I love both. What I am responding to is the fact that you are throwing around unrealistic retail values which, even if you believe you will be able to charge them, are misleading buyers. Generally speaking people expect to be able to resell watches for 40-60% of retail when they are done with them. Given the value proposition inherent to this watch you're just not there. If you are a watch enthusiast and frequent any of the major watch forums feel free to respond with your login and we can continue this discussion on the boards where people more knowledgeable than I will be able to weigh in and, I expect, second what I am saying.
@Sally Lim I'm not trying to hurt you, it's not personal. I've simply grown tired of the series of watch related kickstarters where people pair *new and innovative designs* with workhorse movements, use flowery language, claim that their watches will sell for unrealistic retail prices, and charge backers "early bird" rates which are multiples of what that watch would ever sell for in the real market. If you marketed this watch by saying "we are giving you our design with a low cost commonly used movement and you are paying relatively high prices in connection with that" it would be one thing. If you were using a quartz movement it would also mitigate the harm because then at least people will be getting something reliable and hard to confuse with high priced horological pieces. You implying that your watch (with this movement) will ever sell for $900 retail is naive at best and intentionally misleading at worst. The fact that most people on kickstarter don't know how to pay attention to what is inside the watch until it breaks or starts to have problems. @Glenn I've looked through a few of the reviews you posted. I don't know that any of these are reputable watch review sites and the fact that this watch is mentioned as "5/5 for affordability" without any discussion of the movement demonstrates that these sites are not giving in depth reviews. I suggest you go post about your watch on one of the major watch forums (eg. watchuseek.com) and see what the feedback is there. If you prefer to continue this via private message feel free to communicate with me in that way. Bottom line is that this kickstarter is unintentionally misleading at best. I assume in good faith that you aren't intending to do what you are doing but that doesn't change the fact that anyone who ends up with this watch expecting to get any sort of real value in the ranges you quote is going to be very disappointed and that will turn people away from the watch community. You can make changes to your campaign and advertising to correct for this and I hope you will do so, in the event you do I am happy to edit my comments so that they will accurately reflect thoughts on the project as it stands.
Sally Lim
@David Valaskovic: thank-you! :)
David Valaskovic
No concerns here...... keep up the good work!
It’s a beautiful watch and worth the price.
Sally Lim
@Benjamin: Wow, you seem to be going out of your way to hurt us here.
Before you begin your campaign of trashing us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, may I suggest you contact us first to clear up whatever it is that you are so upset about?
I’m definitely curious to hear what set you off, maybe you’d like Glenn and I to call you? PM your number if so.
I’d have sent this via private message myself but as collaborator I don’t think I have that as an option, so public message it is.
Glenn Lim
Hi Benjamin You are not far off on the pricing of the movement, however you have overlooked (among other things) the costs of the other components that make up the watch, the costs of international shipping included and the fact that first time creators don’t have the buying power of established companies. The Tritec Swiss Super LumiNova is the most expensive component of The Metropolitan, movement included. It would have been cheaper for us to use solid gold in it’s place. While there are many ways to make a watch cheaply, a cheap watch would not pass inspection by any half decent reviewer. Please go ahead and read the hands on reviews I have linked to in the first project update. For anyone else concerned about anything Benjamin has to say, please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to explain our costs, we have nothing to hide. Please also take a look at his commenting history and take everything he says with a very large grain of salt. Glenn
This watch is a scam. The movement they are using (Miyota 9015) is a 70 dollar movement. Here is a list of watches from REPUTABLE watchmakers using the same movement. Almost all are under $200. It is a joke that this creator is charging $450 for “early bird” sales. They are preying on the fact that most people don’t know how much watches cost to make. I recommend everyone pulls their backing. Watch on twitter facebook and instagram for additional notifications. Also if you are a backer who has commented please watch your facebook/etc for personal messages and feel free to respond with questions.
This watch is a scam. The movement they are using (Miyota 9015) is a 70 dollar movement. Here is a list of watches from REPUTABLE watchmakers using the same movement. Almost all are under $200. It is a joke that this creator is charging $450 for “early bird” sales. They are preying on the fact that most people don’t know how much watches cost to make. I recommend everyone pulls their backing. Watch on twitter facebook and instagram for additional notifications.
Glenn Lim
Hi @Peter Rüegg, the early bird, thank-you!
I'm very glad to hear you like the steel bracelet.
There were some Swiss movements we considered, as it was the first choice for us too, but the layering of the elements on the sandwich dial and the thick application of lume didn't leave much space for the movement.
We needed something under 4mm height so the swiss movements in this size would have added very significant costs per piece.
It's hard to convey in images, but the slimness of the design is a big part of what makes The Metropolitan great, so though we'd probably have been able to move a lot more pieces with a swiss movement and a thicker dial, I think everyone will appreciate it as is once they have it in hand!
Appreciate your support!
Peter Rüegg
Hi Glenn A really very attractive and classy design! For me it has something of Patek Philippe, Piaget and Rolex Milgauss (white / orange dial-colours). Which absolutely does not mean, it somehow looks similar to one or the other model of these manufacturers! Not at all. But these are the quite big names that come to my mind looking at the Metropolitan-design. A leather-strap is a complete no-go with this design! The integrated steel-strap is part of the design. Imagine a A. P. Royal Oak or a Nautilus with a leather-strap! As well a definite no go! As a Swiss, I would of course have appreciated the use of a Swiss movement, although I have no idea, if a sizewise suitable one would be available. I suppose, production will take place in H. K. or China? Looking very much forward how the project is going on and wish you all the best with it. Peter, the early bird ; )
Glenn Lim
Hi Kris, this is a good idea. I'm not sure how quickly we can pull that off (the link adapter) but we will explore.
Kris Ressom
I'm with Kim SM on the strap issue. Although it hasn't stopped me backing the project!
I wonder whether a custom first link adapter might be an option as an add on.
Glenn Lim
@Kim SM, Thank-you!
We had considered the option of custom leather straps as an add on. (You're right that it won't be an off the shelf fix) We did a few DIY strap changes at home to try it out, and weren't super happy with the look. I'll try dig out some pics to see what you think.
When we tested out some designs that would have accommodated interchangable straps, the lines just weren't right, so decision was made to stay true to the aesthetics of the watch as planned. There are a LOT of strap swappers out there, so it was a hard decision but we really believe the design is a strong one as is.
Kim SM
I like this watch a lot but don't like stainless steel bracelets. Would you consider offering a leather strap option as an add-on? From the lug size it looks like it would need to be a custom item and not an off-the-shelf replacement.