FlexiSpot Deskicise Pro Cycle Desk

$449 USD
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Make the most of your time working with the FlexiSpot Desckicise Pro Cycle Desk. This innovative system isn’t just a desk. It features a built-in bicycle so you can work your body while you work your mind. Assembling in just 1 minute, the Deskicise Pro has an ultra smooth and quiet operation. The integrated cycling system is entirely inside the base of the desk so there are no visible moving parts aside from the pedals. In addition, you can adjust both the height and the placement of the seat to suit your body and comfort. The top of the Deskicise Pro features a table top to hold your laptop and documents. This surface also slides in place so you can use the entire system as a standing desk. Finally, between the seat and the surface is a dial. With this, you can choose from 8 different resistance levels.

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