WhiteFox Programmable Mechanical Keyboard

$159 USD
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Customize your workspace with ease with the WhiteFox Programmable Mechanical Keyboard. Totally compact, this keyboard gives you fully programmable keys to suit all of your needs. With open source software, the options for each key are endless. The high-quality design features a stunning solid aluminum body. Lightweight and durable, the WhiteFox Keyboard is compact to fit on any desk, lap, or table. In addition, each key is made from PBT engineering plastics which are also highly durable. Likewise, the legends are also dye-sublimated which won’t wear or fade. Using mechanical switches, you have three options: Halo True and Halo Clear, which were invented by Input Club, and Kaihua Blue. Ideal for Windows, Mac, and Linux, the WhtieFox Keyboard has a configurator to maximize your accessibility. You can even create layers and layers and include custom macro options.

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