Pry.Me Compact Bottle Opener

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Cracking open a cold one is just seconds away with the grade 5 titanium Pry.Me Bottle Opener, the world’s smallest bottle opener. Measuring smaller than a penny, this compact yet mighty device opens bottles in a snap. You can lay 10 Pry.Me openers down side by side on a strip of gum yet it can handle up to 164,000 times its own weight. In fact, one hooked to a tree has held a 180lb friend off the ground and two hooked together have pulled a car across a parking lot. Best of all, because it’s so small, it goes unnoticed on your key ring keeping you polished and professional yet always beer ready. The Pry.Me opener is available in a variety of colors to suit your personality. It comes in blue, black, gold, fuchsia, and the classic sandstone. It also comes with a heavy duty key ring for easy attachment.

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