Pry.Me – A Penny Sized Titanium Bottle Opener

$11 USD
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Coming at the size of a penny, Pry.Me can be considered as the world’s smallest bottle opener. Despite its small size, this Grade 5 Titanium opener is strong enough to pull a car across a parking lot. Pry.Me doesn’t have the iconic wave shape of most keychain openers or the wide rectangular opening of larger openers. It is just a nice looking adornment that waits in the shadows of your keys until it is required. Hikers love it for its small size while runners also prefer it because it can be left on their keys when they go for a run. Since it does not put a dent in the top of the cap, you can easily add the cap to your collection or use them for art projects. A perfect everyday carry you can’t miss to having this summer.

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