PS-HX500 Vinyl TurnTable From Sony

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Described as a “hi-res turntable,” the PS-HX500 Vinyl TurnTable From Sony allows users to rip analog recordings to Sony’s proprietary high-resolution DSD audio or 24-bit WAV formats. Sony will provide backup-creating software for both PC and Mac, and all you’ll need is a simple USB cable to plug the HX500 into your nearest computer. From there, you can send the DSD copies on to your Hi-Res-playing Sony Walkman and enjoy a transition from the joys of fully-analog vinyl playback to lossless digital format without any MP3 interference in between. Even the design of this turntable is a perfect symbol of simplicity. The turntable aims to offer high quality conversion of analogue vinyl signals into 24-bit WAVs or Sony’s proprietary DSD format. While there’s no word yet on pricing, the turntable should be available sometime this spring.

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