PUMP Audio MIX Wireless Earphones

$105 USD
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Introducing the PUMP Audio MIX Wireless Earphones. These earphones are a special one for the lovers of Bass! In fact, in a blindfold test, 74% of people preferred PUMP Audio IEM to Beats Tour IEM. In another recent test, a staggering 95% preferred PUMP Audio to the very well regarded SoundMAGIC E50S. If you want to experience the next-generation of in-ear music, these are the earphones worth going for. Comfort, usability, and style together make these earphones one of a kind. As a matter of fact, the unique sound signature of these earphones makes them stand out. You’re simply going to enjoy the bass and sub-bass reproduction. Together, they make these earphones produce one of the best sound quality ever created. One of the best gifts you can give your music-lover friend

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