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Pump Pure Headphones

$129 USD$169 USD
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From our own in-house testing, and from initial consumer reaction at 3 separate events when listening to a pre-production prototype, we are very confident that people prefer the sound of PUMP Pure to ​*Beats Solo 2*​ and *Sennheiser Momentum*. PUMP Pure will also be at a significantly lower price point than those models – nearly HALF the price during the Launch Promotion! Also, PUMP Pure features a detachable cable and In-Line Microphone so you can make and receive calls, and a ¼” (6.4mm) Gold jack converter, which suggests that these are headphones for serious Audiophiles. And finally, we think — and initial consumer reaction seems to agree — they look ​*beautiful.*​ Our friends at PUMP Audio have kindly invited GadgetFlow Members to receive the Discount they are offering to their own Customers for the Launch Promotion. But be quick, it’s for a ​*very*​ limited time only!

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