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PupilBox Vision Protection for the Digitally Addicted

$49 USD
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Give your eyes the break they need with the PupilBox Blue Light Protection System. This box has everything you need to rejuvenate your eyes from the harms of Digital Eye Strain. Inside is a pair of blue light filtering glasses. In addition, you have a choice of three levels of protection. The glasses are complete with stylish frames in 11 styles. The PupilBox also includes a PupilBulb. This specialist bulb creates a low blue light environment so your eyes can adjust and be ready for sleep. Finally, the PupilBox includes artificial tears to add refreshment to your eyes after too much screen time. The PupilBox is a must-have in our technologically advanced world. With the countless hours spent staring at our laptops, smartphones, and tablets, our eyes need the rest.

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