Purple® Pillow – The World’s First No-Pressure Head Bed

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Most pillows are made from garbage. Lumpy foam, stabby feathers, and melty memory foam. None of it considers the needs of your head. That’s why you need the Purple Pillow, the world’s first pillow that’s more like a bed for your head! The Purple Pillow is made of three parts that include a Purple’s patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer (the stretchy purple stuff) is organized in hundreds of little triangles. Unlike most pillows that might go flat and lose shape, the triangles give the core of the lateral pillow strength, so it retains its oh-so-supportive, head-cradling comfort all night. You never have to readjust or fluff, and your head doesn’t sink or shift. SCIENCE! Purple also includes an adjustable air booster if you want to add a little extra height to your pillow. This is ideal for side sleepers and snorers, making the Purple Pillow perfect for just about anyone. The Purple Hyper-Elastic Polymer and air booster fit perfectly inside a super soft cover. The cover is made from polyester to make it gentle on your face, breathable so you don’t sleep hot, and stretchy so your head can sink into the squishy Purple goodness.

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