citybirds Raven Collapsible Scooter

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Reinvent the way you commute with the citybirds Raven Collapsible Scooter. Giving you the freedom to travel as you wish, this scooter folds down to an innovative and convenient shape. The Raven Scooter is built for the 21st century. It features no sharp edges even when folded down, including the handlebars. In addition, the carbon fiber frame also locks into place effortlessly. Once locked, the Raven Scooter has a carry-friendly designed. The part of the frame around the front wheel creates the perfect curve. With this, you can comfortably place the scooter on your shoulder and hold it in place with just one hand. This frees up your other hand to use a railing, retrieve your train ticket, or open the door to your office. The lightweight design of the Raven Scooter is complete with a black and orange aesthetic.

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