Raw Induction Wireless Chargers

$495 USD
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Charge your gadgets like never before with the Raw Induction Wireless Chargers. These chargers consist of materials like concrete and cork. Additionally, they feature 3x free-roaming charging hearts, and NFC. In fact, this charger is functional art for many. The purpose was to go for a design that fits most gadgets, big or small, without looking too huge. In addition, the charger supports three gadgets simultaneously. As a matter of fact, there is also an acrylic “light blade.” This displays the LED indicator light to determine the charging status of a gadget. In fact, the entire design looks great at home or even at work. It’s perfect for those who have multiple gadgets and are tired of using too many sockets at once. Overall, a perfect way to keep your gadgets pumped up all day long.

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