Recoil Cord Winder

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Tangled cords won’t be a hassle you’d have to face everyday once you bring home the Recoil AUTOMATIC Cord Winders. These are exclusively designed to wind, store and organize headphones, earbuds, USB cables, phone, tablet and reader chargers, Apple related cords and any other type of cords and cables. The idea behind creating this useful product was to have those messy cables and wires from our everyday gadgets neatly arranged on the desk, car or even inside the bag such that you won’t have to constantly face the problems they pose time and again. You’ll get to live a cable clutter free life without losing the benefits of all the cables you have in hand. Sounds like a great deal especially for those who are too inclined towards having gadgets and gear around. This pack includes 2 medium and 1 large winder with the Recoil Rack having them locked in and organized.

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