Reductivist Ringtool Emergency Multitool

$26 USD
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Always have the right tools to fix your bike or assemble furniture with the Reductivist Ringtool Emergency Multitool. Made in the USA, this keyring essential has a lot to offer. The Ringtool has regular and flathead screwdrivers, plus five sizes of Allen wrenches — ideal for IKEA builds and tightening bike saddles. It also has a T25 Torx Screwdriver, which you will need for fitting disc brakes and rotors. If that all seems like hard work, there is a bottle opener to provide instant refreshment. The whole device weighs just two ounces, and easily fits in your pocket. The stainless steel construction is incredibly strong, while the nickel-plated finish stops corrosion. Whether you need to adjust your snowboard bindings or fix your car at the roadside, this little tool will save the day.

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