Reign Advanced Active Recovery Band by Jaybird

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Get to know your body’s fatigue and recovery at once by using the Reign Advanced Active Recovery Band from Jaybird. This beautifully design wristband comes with the capacity to understand your body’s fatigue and recovery rate by measuring your Heart Rate Variability (HRV) as well as your Activity and Sleep patterns. The purpose is to help you be in top form and get to that last drop of training every single day. It knows how to get you to your max and keeps you there for the perfect active life you desire. The Go Score will tell you how ready your body is to be active that specific day and how far you can push yourself. The Reign band will automatically monitor your daily activity and sport and show you how long you’ve been active versus inactive to help you track your health in the long run. It’s something every single member of the health conscious generation should have.

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